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Attention Time Lords…First ‘Doctor Who’ Trailer Released

The Doctor is in…the BBC has released a first look at the new series. The new Doctor Who trailer gives fandom the first real glimpse of Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor.

Along with our new Doctor, we see a host of characters such as new companions Graham (Bradley Walsh), Yaz (Mandip Gill) and Ryan (Tosin Cole).

Let’s be friends


We’re all trying to adjust to this regeneration, and the Dr. is no exception. She states “All of this is new to me,.” New faces, new worlds, new times. So if I asked really, really nicely, would you be my new best friends?”

As fans are aware, this season is groundbreaking and unlike any other. While Whovians are used to changing Doctors through Gallifreyan regeneration, this transformation marks the first time the character is played by a woman. Our former Time Lord Peter Capaldi (2014- 2017) will be replaced by Whittaker.

As if one impactful change isn’t enough the show will also have a new show runner in Chris Chibnall. He takes the reigns from current executive producer Steven Moffat. It was eluded to in an interview last year the new season would be brimming with risk and boldness.

When asked about his successor, Steven Moffat the previous show runner stated that “it took a lot of gin and tonic to talk him into this, but I am beyond delighted that one of the true stars of British Television drama will be taking the Time Lord even further into the future. At the start of season 11, Chris Chibnall will become the new showrunner of Doctor Who. And I will be thrown in a skip.”

Doctor Who series 11 will have co-executive producers. After the 2017 Christmas special Steven Moffat departs as show runner and Matt Strevens will be joining from that point on.

A little background


Back in 2004, Matt Strevens began his TV career by script editing for the popular show EastEnders. From there he had a producer credit for The Bill. Working on and overseeing 28 episodes of the police series. Fans of Who may already be familiar with his work as he produced An Adventure in Space and Time, the amazing TV movie about Doctor Who’s origins and history.

Times are changing


As speculated Chibnall is turning the format upside down and shaking up our favorite Time Lord. Instead of the usual 12-13 episodes, the new season features 10 however the running time will be a bit longer at 50 minutes apiece. The big premiere will offer a full hour.

Other major changes include a new companion played by Bradley Walsh. On an interesting note Walsh will be the oldest actor to play a companion at the age of 58. A companions average age is 28.

Although the BBC did confirm the first episode will air in October 2018, a specific date has not been announced.

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