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Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered


There will be some spoilers however I would like to keep this article as short as possible; THIS IS NOT GOING IN-DEPTH ABOUT THE ACTUAL GAME, but rather a more generalization on weather or not this game deserves a remaster. So if you would like a more in-depth game analysis, this is not the article’s focus but I highly recommend you read the article!

Remastering of AC3

Assassin Creed 3 is a highly controversial game, especially when the topic is focused on the character. Most people did not enjoy the game, but there are those some who did enjoy the new character and new game we received back in 2012.

Background on Main Character

Unlike the previous titles, including the two Ezio spin-offs; assassin creed 3 takes place during the American Revolution, 1775 – 1783. You play a Native American named Connor or his birth name being Ratonhnhake:ton; Connor’s village was attacked by who he later believed was led by one of the Templars, Charles Lee and now grown up, Connor will fight against the Templars while also helping the Continental Army win the war against the British.

Why do People not like the Game?

Well, it’s first best to consider that Assassin Creed 2 was released before AC3 obviously, Ezio was and is still a loved character by Assassin Creed fans; so with Connor, it was looked upon like a downgrade from the previous game.

But it’s not as simple as that, Connor was looked at as a downgrade as he was not an enjoyable character, forgettable with no real development like Ezio. He was portrayed as an adult with the annoying part of a child’s personality; in other words, he was whiney by nature.

As I said before, people compared him to Ezio when AC3 released. Imagine playing all three good games portraying and developing Ezio and then to play Connor. You will see a big difference to where Connor is a downgrade.

Is It Better Than We Think?

I enjoyed playing any AC game, AC2, AC3, AC 4 and AC Rogue. While yes I did enjoy AC3’s gameplay because it still has some AC elements, but the story was lacking, the story was uninteresting and franky, it was hard to just bother to recognize the story; It was not hard to know the story, but it was dull enough to me that I did not want to know the story.


Ubisoft has shown it can not remaster games well, look at Rogue and Assassin Creed 2. Rogue’s remaster look like all they did was raise the resolution up from 720p to 1,080p, unlike other games that have received remasters, Ubisoft’s remasters are jokes. Assassin Creed 2 seems like they only fixed the lighting and resolution for the game.

(This is no joke, this is AC2 Remastered(Xbox one) on the left vs the Original on the right)


Assassin Creed 3 does not deserve a remaster and does not ever require one. From it’s lack of a good story, it’s lack of good character development and Ubisoft’s poor attempts with remastering games in the past. Assassin Creed 3 remain not the game fans would like to see remastered, they would prefer a new good Assassin Creed or a superior remastered version of AC 2 or AC 1. Till then, I see no reason for having an AC 3 Remastered, it was not a well recieved game, and had was forgettable.