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Arkham Spider, like Batman but better


Before I get started, Puddles don’t matter. I’m sorry internet, they just don’t. Everything gets a downgrade from E3, that’s to be expected. Gameplay is much more important than graphics. So let’s talk about the gameplay then. If you’ve ever played any of the arkham games, take that experience then make it more fun and you’re Spider-Man. That’s what this game is. It has the open world of Arkham City and the combat of it. I’m going to be comparing the two all throughout this review.

Story That Makes Me Care

Not that Batman’s story was bad, but I always felt like they could have done it better, you stop the joker because he’s the bad guy. That’s it. In Spider-man, the bad guy is someone that Peter has come to trust. It makes for much better character development and story. You start off taking care of Kingpin, he quickly goes to jail to make room for Mr. Negative and the Demons. There’s many fan favorite characters in this story too, Aunt May tries to take care of Peter, Norman Osbourne is the mayor, Peter works for Dr. Ocatavious, and MJ and Peter just recently broke up but start to rebuild their relationship, and the best part, we don’t have to sit through the Uncle Ben story for the umpteenth time.


Insomniac knows how to make a game very well. Let’s talk about the combat in the Arkham games first. Honestly, it’s boring, you can do everything with just punches and blocks. I mean, you can do that in Spider-man too but it’s more satisfying to use the gadgets. In the Arkham games they felt as just a way to solve puzzles and get around. In Spider-Man, they integrated them so well that in every combat encounter, I’ve used almost all of my gadgets, the impact web being my favorite. Now, let’s also talk about the movement in the games. In Arkham, you grapnel boost to be able to glide and maybe dive bomb to be able to stay at your current altitude in an honestly boring looking city. In Spider-Man, you can use your webs to swing around, they actually attach to things too which is super awesome, hook on to buildings to boost off them, dive to get more momentum, roll on the ground and immediately jump back in to the air, and you can do tricks in the air too. Everything is just a lot more satisfying with a lot of variety in your traversal of a unique looking city because it’s based off the real New York.

Closing Thoughts

So, should you buy Spider-Man for the PS4? Yes. If you have a PS4. I personally wouldn’t go out to buy one just for this game, but then again, if you have a PS4 and you don’t pick up Spider-Man, You’re just doing yourself a disservice. Insomniac knocked it out of the park with Spider-Man. With great development comes great satisfaction out of a game.