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Aquatic Adventure — Why Minecraft’s latest update is one of the best ever

Ah, Minecraft. The gift that keeps on giving. The game that is so simple, yet so complicated at the same time. The game that will virtually stand the test of time due to its immense amount of dedicated mod communities and limitless update possibilities. Which is why it’s somewhat strange that it’s only now that we’re seeing the type of aquatic expansion that just rolled-out on PC, Xbox One, Mobile, VR, and Mixed reality. But despite the odd timing, this aquatic update is a beauty to behold (and not just for the aesthetics). Between fishing, treasure hunting, ship excavating, swimming with dolphins, and much more; Minecraft’s new aquatic expansion brings fresh new adventure to game.

Overview of the updates

First of all, this update is one of the biggest updates we’ve ever seen. So much so that there’s no chance of detailing out all the new updates in one single article alone. But here’s a quick rundown of what we get;

  • New weapon: the trident!
  • New swimming interface (much easier to get around in the water now)
  • 50 new blocks
  • 9 new biomes
  • 5 new structures
  • 6 new mobs

And this is only in phase one of this aquatic update – phase one! Phase two is said to roll-out “soon”. Whatever soon means. But either way, these updates and all their varying playability will surely keep the Minecraft faithful for years to come.

Featured Updates

Now while the sheer amount of updates are impressive, some are worth mentioning over others. So here are a few of my honorable mentions.

    • What makes me excited about the trident weapon is that it is both melee and ranged, making it more than useful whether you’re fighting on land or on sea. Not to mention the enchantments that come with it. Notably “riptide” which allows you to jump out of the water and into the air to an absurd height. But wait! This ability doesn’t stop with just in a body of water, but also when it’s RAINING! This means you can literally see people just fly through the air during a rainstorm if they possess the trident with the rip-tide enchantment.
    • One insufferable thing about Minecraft before this update was how slow and monotonous it was to move through water. Not only would your character walk at lethargic pace through the water, but it was also very hard to see under the water. But now we have actual swimming animation that allows you to glide swiftly through the water while also giving you increased and clear visibility.
    • The first thing I want to say about dolphins is actually a shoutout to Mojang’s development team for going the extra mile by recording real life dolphins and putting those sounds in the game. But other than that what I really like about having the dolphins is the speed boost you get from swimming alongside them. But what’s even better is that, due to their friendly behavior, the dolphins will continue to follow you through the water – giving you that speedboost the whole time. So if you need to scan the bottom of the ocean or cross a large body of water, the dolphins are there for you. But it doesn’t end there. By feeding the dolphins raw fish, they will lead you to the nearest underwater chest. Very useful creatures, indeed.


As noted before, the amount of updates in this launch are immense. All this is without even mentioning the shipwrecks, treasure maps, varying frozen biomes, and underwater caves. And again, this is only in phase 1. So until phase 2 comes out and I can write a follow-up piece, go enjoy what I consider to be one of the best Minecraft updates in a really long time.