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An anime game worth everyone’s time: Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time


Welcome to the world of Little Witch Academia, an anime short that received a movie and then a Netflix series. If you’ve watched the series, great! If not, no problem! The game quickly catches you up on everything that you have missed or anything you might need to know. You play as Akko, a girl who wants to become a witch because of a performance by Shining Chariot.


When you start up the game you find out it’s Summer vacation! You start planning what you’re going to do with your roommates, Lotte and Sucy, over the break! You quickly meet up with some of your school mates, Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka, who are also planning things out. Akko then gets called to the Academic counselors’ office where she gets the privilege of cleaning the library because of some shenanigans she had been up to.

While cleaning up the library Akko, feeling tired as usual, decides to take a short break and takes a nap for 6 hours. When she wakes up she finds a book that hadn’t been there before. When she puts it away, a new entrance opens up! Behind it, will change her summer vacation until she fixes it.


At the core of the game, it is either exploration mixed with quests or an RPG beat ‘em up. Let’s talk about the former first.

With the exploration; you travel around Luna Nova and help people with their issues: whether it’s getting them a certain item, talking to someone, or performing a certain action. You can also find lots of goodies for the beat ‘em up sections. Speaking of which…

In those parts of the game, you are able to make a team of up to 3 witches, there are 7 total characters that you can play as, each of them having their own passive abilities and stats that you can level up (in my opinion Diana is the most useful character). These are linear sections with minor exploration. There are side paths, but most of time it leads to some monsters to beat and that’s it.

Overall Impressions

Overall, I would say that I really enjoy this game and look forward to playing more in the future. It runs at a constant 1080p 60fps, except in the cafeteria where it lags a little but not too much. I would say that this game is very worth your time. If you enjoyed the anime or just think beat ‘em ups are fun, you’ll find a lot to get out of this game.

I’ll be streaming this game on our twitch channel if you would like to see more of this game.

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