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Adventure Time…A finale as good as bacon pancakes.


How about we go on an adventure the never ends?
The fantastically fun yet oddly deep series Adventure Time just wrapped up ten seasons. Culminating after eight years and 283 episodes fans said farewell on September 3rd (2018.) The show created by Pendleton Ward concluded with a 4 part episode titled “Come Along With Me.”

It seems like only yesterday when the pilot episode aired in 2007 on Nicktoons Network. The show’s rights were then bought and broadcast by Cartoon Network on April 5, 2010. It’s worth noting Nickelodeon tuned down the show and plans for making it into a full series.

An example of the complexity and depth of the cartoon resides in the characters development. The show attempted to connect successfully on an emotional level most cartoons never delve into. In the finale, we see Finn on the edge of manhood who was voiced by Jeremy Shad for the duration of the seasons.

Really The End?


The Land of OOO has produced a host of offspring shows. Patrick McHale, the former creative director, has ‘Over the Garden Wall.’ As well as Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar who lists Adventure Time on her resume.
And in more happy news Boom! Studios will be debuting an Adventure Time Season 11 comic book series slated to be released next month. The artful and creative pair of Sonny Liew (writer) and Marina Julia (artist) should prove intriguing.

At the core of the show are characters we can care about and relate to. The series provided story lines that explored emotional journeys topped with madcap chaotic fun. From the Ice King and Marceline (the Vampire Queen) to Princess Bubblegum (the ruler of the Candy Kingdom) and the Flame Princess (a fire elemental that rules over the Fire Kingdom), we will miss them all.

Music and songs have provided integral and at times crucial insights into a character’s soul. The final was no different as two songs were featured that made fans feel nostalgic and introspective.

As for the ending, the show provided a story that perfectly combined past and future to draw the series to a close seamlessly. As cherry on top fans had a warm and touching glimpse into how the cast live on after the show.




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