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A Worthy Review of Steamcraft

First Impression

I wanted to start by saying thank you to Last Level for sending a key so I can enjoy this game. I’ve now put a handful of hours into the game and I know enough to say that I am not good at it… although it is still a lot of fun to play. An issue I have had is the lack of players but that is just because the game isn’t even really out yet. The bots that take the place of players are either super useless or just too good and I can’t tell which one it is. The ones on my team seem to get stuck on anything and everything while the ones that shoot at me don’t miss.


The gameplay is pretty much self explanatory. You build a vehicle of your choosing, you click start, you fight. There are a TON of customization options and you can make just about any vehicle you want. I am not a very creative person so I just bought the pre-made vehicles using Steamcraft’s in-game currency that you get from playing. Once you get your vehicle kitted for combat, there’s a few different game modes to choose from but the only two I played are Team Deathmatch and Capture the Base. Capture the Base was fun, although I ran into an issue a couple of times where I would be the last vehicle remaining and I wouldn’t have tires so I couldn’t move so I would just kind of lose by default. That wasn’t too fun.

Something I’ve noticed is that the Railgun is incredibly powerful. I was able to win many fights because I could just choose which part of their vehicle I didn’t want them to have. Moving too fast? I shoot the tires. Dealing too much damage? I shoot the guns. I was able to hit whatever part I wanted and just not have to worry. I was in a 1v3 situation where I just shot all the guns off all my attackers and suddenly there were no more issues. This will probably be better when you’re able to play with actual players instead of just bots because there’s also a self-destruct feature that allows you to go into spider form and blow up another vehicle.

Would I Recommend?

I genuinely enjoyed the game even though I was playing by myself. It seems like a fun game to just hang out with friends and play for a bit or maybe even a bit of solo. It was fun enough that I’d be willing to pay for it because they’ve already said this game isn’t going to be free. If you are a creative person who also likes shooting stuff, then you might enjoy this even more than I have. I would recommend Steamcraft to anybody who’s just looking for a bit of fun or an enjoyable game to play with some friends. I don’t like to give 1-10 ratings, but to give you an idea, I enjoyed my time spent.