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A Worthy Review of Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

First Impression

At first, I wasn’t sure how to feel. The super vibrant greens and blues threw me for a loop. Immediately, before I even downloaded the game, I was impressed with the developers. I was reading the reviews and people were not happy calling it “Islands of 9 FPS” among other things. I was very very concerned. Within an hour of those reviews the issue was resolved. This quick fix makes me believe that the developers are listening to feedback and that is very important. Bluehole should take notes. Getting into my first game was quick and the waiting room was a blast.


While you’re waiting for the Battle Royal mode to start you are put into a gun game match, and where every two kills moves you to the next weapon. This is a great way to get used to the weapons and decide what guns you want to go for. Or, in my case, you get great practice dying over and over again with pistols in hand. Once the game actually starts you have to pick a landing spot soon because you start the match falling. Like every other battle royal, Islands of Nyne has its own armor system. There’s four armor slots and a “personal shield” which “temporarily” increases your max health for a total of five different protections. As you get shot, your armor breaks down and you’ll have to replace it. This means that even in late game scenarios, you may still need to loot bodies. While looting bodies, you may also want to grab some ammo because it is limited. This is a great aspect of the game because it forces you to use other weapons.

If you take damage there are only two, that I’ve seen, different meds. A small and a large booster. The small heals you for 50 and the large will full heal you. Perhaps the most annoying aspect about Islands of Nyne is the revive system. When you’re downed, you have the chance to be revived. It’s pretty par for the course in battle royals. You can ONLY be picked up if the reviving player is using one of the meds to do it. This is my biggest and only gripe with the game so far. It sucks getting downed and your teammate has to walk away because he simply doesn’t have any meds. And you can only hold 2 meds (3 if you’ve picked up the storage upgrade) so you have to make the decision of “is my teammate worth 50 health.”

Would I Recommend

In the end, Islands of Nyne is very clearly within the battle royal genre, it is in the name, what else were you expecting?  It feels like a breath of fresh air to play this game because the guns feel good and there isn’t a lot of garbage that some other games have. When I die, most of the time I know why I died. I don’t often have the thought of “I don’t understand why I am dead and he is not.” If you like battle royal games, I would 100% recommend this game. I have enjoyed it a lot so far. If you are over this genre and ready for the next big thing, then you’re going to survive if you don’t get it.