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A Worthy Review of Halo Online 0.6 (ElDewrito)

For those of you that don’t know me I have loved the Halo series since the beginning. My dad bought me Halo 1 for my 7th birthday in 2003, without telling my mom… she wasn’t thrilled. I immediately became best friends with the only other nerdy kid in second grade. I played, beat, and replayed the Halo 1 campaign about 50 times between co-op and solo.

Fast forward 4 years when Halo 3 is released. After beating the campaign, I head over to multiplayer for the first time and wow was I simply hooked. I spent another 1000 or so hours playing multiplayer. But, this review isn’t about 2007 Halo. No… it’s 2018 baby let’s talk NOW Halo.

Fast forward 11 more years and we have Halo 3 again… on PC!!! This… is… phenomenal. Playing high def halo 3 at 60 FPS is extra nostalgia. There’s no campaign which, honestly, isn’t a big deal, just all the multiplayer your heart can desire.

At first I was super put off by how hard it was to get into a game. I spent about 40 minutes just trying to get into a game and play for the first time, however, this appears to have been due to the number of players on the servers. Going back at it a few hours later, i was able to get into games no problem. My only wish for searching for games is a filter option.

Once you get into a game the first thing you’ll notice: this is definitely Halo 3, there is no question about it. At the time of writing, there currently is no infected game mode, it appears to be bugged… bummer. Everything else is is exactly as I remember or better. One of the most fun experiences was playing custom games with some absurd maps and, well, that is more than possible with this game. From what I was told, because the game was just updated, it is going to take a few days for the super creative people to get their custom maps and modes ported over to the new version.

In the end, there are a few things to remember. This is a free game that took several thousand hours to make. The insane amount of time and effort that has been put into this is absolutely worth it. If you have ever played or wanted to play Halo 3 multiplayer, then definitely get it, it’s not like you need to spend money and regret spending money, it is literally a free Halo 3 multiplayer experience. I will definitely keep this on my computer and check back for more custom infected maps and game modes. Also keep in mind this is version 0.6, so it’s not a full game yet, just a major patch. As a final note, I just wanted to say this FREE game is better than many games I’ve paid for.