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A Worthy Review of Cuisine Royale

First Impression

First of all, I know what you’re thinking. No, this article is not a joke. Yes, this game actually exists. Yes, it is very fun. No, again, I am not kidding. This game is free to play until July 2nd and if you download it before then you get to keep this game and you don’t have to pay. This game is a WWII era battle royale where you don’t jump out of a plane, you don’t fly in and superhero land, and you don’t have to fight right off bat. Instead, you literally just spawn in and start looting. As you are looting other people will be spawning in as well so there may be a VERY slight advantage. VERY SLIGHT advantage. I don’t believe you looting a city as somebody else spawning in will change the outcome of a fight. They are far enough apart to not matter. I played about 5 games and we, meaning not me because I tend to die pretty early because of my general… uhh… go-get-em attitude, won two games. I feel like I got a pretty good impression of this game so far and I can genuinely say it was very fun to play. Full disclosure, I did play with three friends in a full squad so that may add to the enjoyment.


Just like any other battle royale, you start with nothing and have to take your gear from the other player’s lifeless corpse. That is, of course, if you can find a gun. The gun spawns seem to be slightly lacking but it’s enough to give you hope. Once you or your team wins a fight that’s just more loot for you. One of the many unique features of this game is all of the armor slots. There’s helm, left shoulder, right shoulder, left leg, right leg, chest, back, buttocks and two utility slots. With each of these there is also Mk I, Mk 2, and Mk 3 for the different “rarities” or armor level. There are a few different utility items that act kind of like “perks” in that you can equip it and it changes different aspects. For example, there’s glasses that increase your accuracy and reduces reload speed or a cigar that increases max health as well as many others. Needless to say, you’re bound to find something useful. Another unique feature… just exactly how goofy having all of this equipped looks. The running feels slightly clunky but, honestly, this is the only game where clunky movement doesn’t bother me. This is a straight up shooter with a lot of fun mechanics and is very enjoyable.

Would I recommend?

At the time of writing this, I would 100% without a doubt in my mind recommend this game. Because it is free for the next couple of days, definitely take a look. At the very least download it for a rainy day. If you miss this free window, depending on how much it costs, I would consider recommending it.This game is very enjoyable and I genuinely look forward to playing more with the gang.