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A Worthy Review of Battle for Azeroth

Before I get into the new expansion, please keep in mind this is all from a Horde perspective. There is still a ton of content that I have not done and there may be stuff that is missed.


The leveling experience in Battle for Azeroth has been amazing the first time through. The zones are all pretty interesting with lots of story and beautiful cutscenes. I was told that Vol’dun was the hardest of the zones and to start there because you want to get that out of the way before you’re hit by the scaling too hard.

Spoiler free, Vol’dun is a desert occupied by the Voldunai/Vulpera (cute little fox people), the Sethrak (snake people), criminals exiled by the Zandalari, and lots of wildlife. This zone is vast and full of interesting quests which makes for a great leveling experience. In total, I spent about 8ish hours in this zone before finishing. Part of this was reading some of the story and seeing some of the sights, which was mostly sand honestly.

The next zone I completed was Zuldazar, which contains the Horde capital city and dinosaurs. In this mountainous zone, you help raise a dino pup and help squash an uprising. I very highly recommend grabbing a Goblin Glider for this area because there are a ton of cliffs you can use to soar. This zone was a bit shorter and i got through it in about 5 hours. Although, I did quest for about 30 minutes before i realized I was questing in the zone and it wasn’t just random city quests.

My final horde zone in Battle for Azeroth was Nazmir. This is the zone that I hit level cap in so I didn’t finish the story but i went back and got very close. If you like Troll lore, this place is filled with all sorts of fun. If you have mining, from what I’ve seen, this zone will be your best friend. Perhaps the best part of this zone is only found if you are unfortunate enough to end up dead. The normal Spirit Healer in Nazmir is instead replaced with the Loa of death, Bwonsamdi. This Troll has endless quotes and after a moment of seething anger because i pulled too many trolls, he pops up and says something like “Let me guess… ya got in way over ya head?” Part of me wants to die several times just to see how many times he can insult me.

Gearing up

After you hit level cap at 120 that is when you can start playing the game. There are many things you can do to gear including quests, killing rare mobs, doing dungeons, or the new island expeditions. My favorite way so far is having my friend craft me 5 pieces of gear for me to boost my item level… but that’s not possible for everyone, so, those other mentioned ways to continue getting gear are going to be your best bet. After hitting 120 you unlock world quests and in my personal experience, this is where I went to get several pieces of gear. After hitting just over 300 I was fortunate enough to get a guild group going for some Mythic dungeons. Our average item level was around 315ish and we were able to accomplish them. Some bosses were tough just because we were so under-geared, however, when the loot dropped the item levels soared. So if you have a few people who are very comfortable with their class over 310 item level, give Mythics a go.

Now what?

At this point in the game, you are just waiting for the raid to open up, for the PvP season to start, or for whatever your end game of choice will be. Regardless of what it may be, getting gear should be very beneficial to your cause. If you are waiting a bit before buying Battle for Azeroth, then you may want to keep in mind that it could take a couple of days to hit 120 then a few more days to gear up. In the meantime, play the auction house and make a million gold. I made over 50k in just a couple of hours by farming a few hundred ore and selling it. This is a FANTASTIC expansion so far, it may just take a bit to relearn some aspects.