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A Very Incredible Lego Game

The Incredibles

Welcome to LEGO The Incredibles, if you haven’t seen The Incredibles 2, be warned there may be some spoilers for you, and puns. Too many puns.

The game starts off with the beginning of The Incredibles 2 with the fight with the Under-miner, It gives you a quick tutorial of how Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl fight and all the special moves they can do.


So, the controls, It controls very well, it’s like any previous LEGO game, You run, you punch, and you collect objects throughout the game such as, minfigs, studs, gold bricks, and this time around Incredibricks, we’ll get back to that shortly.

Each character has their own unique traits, such as Mr. Incredible being able to pull and lift heavy objects, Elastigirl is able to reach places no one else could because of her stretching, Dash runs really fast and can run on walls occasionally, and Violet is able to use a force field to go over hazardous terain.

There is also an overworld to explore for the collectibles stated earlier and to fight crime, You can easily traverse the map with one of the many cars around.

Changes, (Might Include Lootboxes)

There’s a new super move that you can initiate after building up a combo to unleash a devastating screen wiping attack. It’s satisfying and works very well.

There’s a new way to unlock new characters too! There are mini bags that have a new character inside that you may or may not know depending on the RNG. I cannot confirm if it’s random or dependent on which one you grab.

The new Incredibricks are something to collect in levels and the overworld, they are activated on an incredible pad and three people in your party start building, you have to switch between these characters and keep their bars up until they are all full then they will finish building the object.

Final Verdict

I would suggest getting this game if you love Lego games, if not, it’s a great time to jump back in and try it out again. I feel the game is too dependent on quick time events, and button mashing, the wide variety of characters is a very nice treat though

Thank you all for reading!

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