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A nostalgia trip down Megaman lane!

Megaman X historically has been a popular fan favorite platformer for over two decades; so when Capcom announced its Legacy Collections we all knew it was going to be awesome!  Now finally after so many years Capcom has released the entire series of games in a two disc set. Being the gamer that I am I had to get my hands on them, by trading in like 10 games.

Gameplay and Features

For the first diskette, Megaman X Legacy Collection contains the series of games from 1 to 4. These games stay true to the consoles they were made on and the passcodes still have the same effects. Controls are pretty similar to the old SNES versions of these games, and X4 stays true to its Playstation origins. My one biggest complaint with these though is the fact that the dash button is the B (A on switch and O on PS4) and because the SNES controller did not have a Left trigger (L2 or LZ for the PS4 and switch respectively) I am forced to set it to the left bumper. This makes it exponentially easier to dash, jump, and attack in coordination; but interferes with your weapon switch.

I can say that I love the save feature in the game, however, do keep in mind that if you save and turn off the game your energy tanks will always reset to zero and you have to refill them. The Boss fights are the same as ever, and with these releases they added a new mode called X Challenge. In this mode you face two bosses at the same time in a set stage.  The best part of this is that they give you a selection of weapons to pick from to fight the bosses with so if you remember what their weakness is you won’t have too hard a time. Though be careful you have to select your weapons for three fights total.

On Megaman X Legends Legacy Collection 2 you get X5 to X8, and these allow for the function of the Trigger buttons so I am much happier with that in my control scheme, however the combination attack for X8 is now the B button and the right trigger at the same time making it a bit more difficult to pull off.

Is Capcom Ripping us off like Nintendo did with Super Mario Bros 3 Rom?

I am no coding expert so I don’t know if these are pulled from Roms and then just added a few extra features such as the save function, but I can say that these games stay pretty true to the originals with some a nice little filters to improve the visuals. The game itself comes with three different filter modes, so if you want to see the game in its original glory just modify the filters. I don’t believe Capcom will go back in their integrity like Nintendo did.

Of course we all know the scene of Zero crying over his one true love, and that terrible voice acting from X4, but that seemingly stayed true to the original as well. Most of the game looks pretty nicely glossed over by those filters I mentioned earlier, but I don’t believe they tried to improve anything to an HD level.


As briefly mentioned before the X Legacy collection is sold on all three systems: Xbox, PS4, and Switch; and you can purchase it digitally on PC.  However for the switch you can only obtain the first disk, the second set of games has to be redeemed for a digital copy. Not sure why this decision was made but it is often the path that switch games take when selling two games together.


All in all being a fan of the Megaman series compelled me to get the game, and getting to replay the story from the beginning has been such a nostalgia trip that I am actually pulling up the anime videos of the game so I can enjoy them. In the end, if you aren’t interested in revisiting these games and playing them again from the originals I’d say this can be left in the shelves, but if you want to relive those fun hours on this platformer you can pick this one up at your local Gamestop or place an online order. I’d hurry though, I got the last copy my local store had. Also you won’t find it in Target or Walmart, it looks like neither stocks them in store so you have to order it if you want it from them.

All of this leaves me with one question, when will we be seeing the ZX series come back?