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A Disorganized Organization

Continuing straight from where we left off, Sora and his friends now have a new mission to eliminate Organization XIII and stop their plans to create Kingdom Hearts. To achieve this, Sora, Donald and Goofy revisit the worlds to find out where the stronghold of the Organization XIII lies. Most of the worlds visited just tie up loose ends, such as defeating a large Heartless and returning peace to the world, such as the case in the Pride Lands. However, some of the worlds that the trio return to have organization members in them to be defeated, and that’s exactly what Sora does.

Prelude to Nothing

The first member that Sora comes across to defeat is Xaldin in Beast’s Castle. After a dance between Beast and Belle goes horribly wrong, with Xaldin stealing the rose that Beast needs to stay alive, Beast kicks Belle out of the castle. As she looks onto the courtyard from her room, she finds the rose, and as she signals to Sora and his friends, is kidnapped by Xaldin. Beast confronts Xaldin, and demands he leave his castle. Xaldin indicates he likes to travel light, and that Beast has to choose between Belle and the rose. Belle elbows Xaldin and escapes with the rose, leaving Sora and his friends to defeat Xaldin. After a fierce battle with the whirlwind lancer, Sora emerges victorious, leaving Xaldin to disappear and merge with his heart.

Continuing to revisit new worlds, Sora encounters Xigbar at the gates to the throne room of the Land of Dragons. Xigbar has his hood up, so Sora originally mistakes him for Riku. Xigbar tells Sora he had no idea who Riku is, as he summons sniper Nobodies to fight Sora as a distraction. The distraction works, allowing Xigbar to summon a large Heartless to attack the palace. The Heartless is defeated by Sora and his friends, but Xigbar is nowhere to be seen.

Upon returning to Port Royal, Sora meets with Jack Sparrow, who is trying to find Will Turner after he was kidnapped by a man in a black cloak whilst investigating the cursed pirate gold. After sailing around, Sora and his friends find Will on the Interceptor, a standard galley, as well as Luxord. Luxord declares parley before he is defeated, forcing Jack Sparrow to strike a deal with him. Luxord takes the Black Pearl pirate ship, as well as four pieces of the cursed treasure, and uses cannons on the Interceptor. Luxord gives the four pieces of gold to four separate gambler Nobodies, and summons a large Heartless that knocks Sora and his friends onto the Interceptor as it starts sinking. Once Sora manages to gather the four pieces of gold from the gamblers, he returns to the port, finding the large Heartless and Luxord yet again. Sora engages with the large Heartless, eventually defeating it. Luxord manages to escape and deliver the heart to Kingdom Hearts, much to Sora’s chagrin.

Eventually, Sora finds himself back in Twilight Town. The town is completely empty, save for Hayner, Pence and Olette who are unconscious in front of the old mansion. King Mickey also arrives and is forced to explain that there is another data version of Twilight Town, and he was given some items from Riku from it. Sora and his friends head down to the basement, find the computer that leads to the data town, and enter the teleporter when Pence manages to access it. Sora, Donald, Goofy and King Mickey arrive in the data town, by the computers that Roxas had destroyed previously. Heading deeper into the basement, they find an entrance to the Betwixt and Between left by Axel previously. Assaulted by hoard after hoard of dusks, Sora begins to lament as Axel arrives, telling Sora that he was sorry for kidnapping Kairi and that Saïx now had her locked up in the dungeon. Assisting Sora in getting through to the stronghold, Axel annihilates all the dusks that were attacking them, but in doing so caused himself to fade and be destroyed. Sora and his friends continue on through the Betwixt and Between and eventually arrive in the World that Never Was.

Metropolis of Oblivion

Sora and his friends arrive at the Alley to the Inbetween, the entrance to the World that Never Was. They continue through the abandoned city until they arrive at Memory’s Skyscraper. Here, Donald and Goofy get cut off from Sora by some Samurai Nobodies, as Sora disappears into the Station of Awakening, left to fight Roxas on his own. Victorious, Roxas leaves Sora with a compliment, that he is a good other. Returning to the Skyscraper, Sora asks Donald and Goofy what happened, where they tell him about his disappearance.

The group continue on until they reach the end of the road, leading to a large floating castle with no entrance. At the same time, Kairi is saved from her dungeon by Naminé causing a bright white light to emerge from the castle. This encourages Sora’s keyblade to appear, and create a pathway into the castle so that Sora can reach Kairi.

As Naminé and Kairi attempt to escape the castle, Saïx corners then and tells Kairi he will take her to Sora. She refuses, saying she won’t go anywhere with him. As he is about to order his berserkers to take her by force, Saïx realises that Riku has defeated them. Naminé tells Riku to take it from there, and Riku and Saïx begin to fight. As Saïx is pinned up against a wall by Riku, he fades into the darkness, leaving Riku alone with Kairi and Naminé. Kairi takes off Riku’s hood, revealing he has the face of Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness. Sora and his friends continue up the castle, arriving in the Hall of Empty Melodies. Here, Saïx taunts Sora, mocking him about the location of Kairi and how the Organization no longer has a need for him. He summons a hoard of Heartless and Nobodies to attack Sora. Kairi and Riku look on from above, and resolve to help Sora. Riku gives Kairi a keyblade, and they head down to meet him. At the same time, Maleficent and Pete arrive and also aim to help Sora out, in an attempt to take over the castle for themselves. Whilst all this is going on, King Mickey encounters Ansem the Wise, who explains everything that had gone on, and why he didn’t seek the help of King Mickey earlier. The two walk off, Ansem the Wise ready to make amends. Switching back to Sora, who is overcome by Heartless, he is suddenly rescued by a hail of bullets, Xigbar. Sora and Xigbar fight, Xigbar constantly referring to Sora as Roxas. As Xigbar lays defeated, fading into the darkness, Sora asks why he called him Roxas. He fades without a trace, telling Sora “wouldn’t you like to know”. Donald informs Sora that Kairi is on the upper floor, as Ansem and King Mickey overlook them.

Xemnas is overlooking the hearts that fly into Kingdom Hearts, as Saïx asks if he can finally dispose of the intruders. Meanwhile, Sora and Kairi are reunited with Riku, Sora originally mistaking him for Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. They talk about everything that had happened, and Riku explains to Sora why he looks the way he does. The group continue to the top of the castle to end Xemnas’ plan.  At the same time, Ansem the Wise and King Mickey are using a machine to encode Kingdom Hearts into data, removing it from the World that Never Was, preventing Xemnas from realizing his plan.

The group make their way to the chamber titled ‘Proof of Existence’. Here, there are twelve panels, each indicating a member of the organization, as well as their weapon and whether or not the member was still existing. The panel for Roxas, Luxord and Saïx are still intact, and to proceed, Sora and his group must defeat Luxord and Saïx.

Before Luxord is confronted by the entire group, Sora asks Riku what the beam of light hitting Kingdom Hearts is. Riku explains it must be the King and Ansem, when Luxord appears, trapping everyone except from Sora in cards. Sora and Luxord battle it out, trying to outwit one another until eventually Sora defeats him. Luxord, as he fades into nothingness, with his last words being “How could you Roxas?”.

Saïx is then encountered, who comments that only Roxas would be able to get as far as Sora has. He creates a gust of wind, keeping Riku and Kairi out of the fight, and then proceeds to lose against Sora, Donald and Goofy. Saïx laments his loss, questioning Kingdom Hearts about the location of his heart as he fades into darkness. Sora then asks Riku why people call him Roxas, and Riku helps to elucidate the matter. The group continue their ascent up the castle, as the barrier is no longer there.

The group reach Ansem, who admits that his machine is about to self destruct as he is unable to turn the hearts into data. Xemnas then appears, and chastises Ansem for looking pathetic and for being a fool. Ansem interrogates Xemnas on why he took his name and banished him into the realm of darkness. Xemnas tells him that he is creating a new world, one heart at a time. Ansem replies that they are both ignorant, and that any world that Xemnas makes will be full of ignorance. With this, the machines explodes into a column of light, scattering hearts everywhere. Dusks and shadows appear to consume the hearts that are now free, and Riku has regained his appearance. With the shadow Heartless climbing the castle, Kingdom Hearts is becoming corrupt, absorbing hearts as it begins to collapse. Hoards of Heartless are climbing the castle, and Maleficent and Pete are keeping them back to enable Sora and his friends to defeat Xemnas so they can claim the castle.

The Final Battles

Reaching the top of the tower, the group encounter Xemnas, who demands they go to collect more hearts. He questions them why they hate darkness, to which they reply that they don’t hate it, but they need a balance of the world. Xemnas then asks why they have a hatred for those who exist between, to which the reply is that they mess up other worlds. Xemnas then drags Sora into Memory’s Contortion, a hazy arena outside Memory’s Skyscraper. After his defeat, Sora is returned to the top of the castle, with Xemnas levitating in the middle of the collapsing Kingdom Hearts. Absorbing all the hearts, Xemnas disappears into the world of Nothing, leaving a door that leads to him. Sora, Riku and King Mickey all use their keyblades to open the door, leading to a large corridor filled with buildings, and a giant dragon-shaped spaceship. Sora and his friends destroy the spaceship and Xemnas in the throne room, where they are then teleported back to the top of the castle. Sora tells Xemnas that he must now remember that there is more to a heart than hatred and rage, but Xemnas tells him he doesn’t, as he fades away.

The castle begins to collapse, leaving the group unsure as to how they would escape. A fading Naminé opens up a dark corridor for everyone to leave, which Donald, Goofy and Mickey leave through. Sora walks up to Naminé when Roxas leaves Sora and begins talking to her. Roxas and Naminé say they will see each other as long as Sora and Kairi see one another, and they fade to join up with Sora and Kairi respectively. Now complete, Sora, Riku and Kairi attempt to leave though the dark corridor, when Xemnas closes the portal. The dragon-ship is back with twin engines, causing Sora and Riku to ride a hovercraft and destroy the ship as they did before. Again, Xemnas is defeated in his throne room, where he then drags them into a pit in the World of Nothing. Xemnas tells Sora and Riku that if darkness and light is eternal, then nothing must also be eternal. They engage in a full-scale fight against the power of nothing, where Riku and Sora eventually succeed. As Xemnas fades for the final time, a hoard of dusks attack them, leaving Riku wounded. They walk into a light, leaving them in the Dark Margin, a coastal area in the Realm of Darkness. Feeling trapped, they both agree to defend the Realm of Darkness, as the Realm of Light is now safe.

Leading Riku into the water at his request, the two catch up about their childhood, and how Riku was always jealous about Sora, and that’s what led him to the path of darkness. After a while, Riku finds a letter in a bottle addressed to Sora from Kairi, that had somehow reached the duo in the Realm of Darkness. As Sora reads, a column of light opens, leading Sora and Riku back to Destiny Island, right back to all of their friends. Sora exclaims that he is back, and Kairi tells him that he his home.

Returning to Destiny

This piece has been a real long one, so thank you for sticking through this with me! There aren’t too many games that fill in gaps from this point on, almost every game has a purpose for the overall plot, so I hope you’ll all stick with me for a little while longer! Next time, we’ll be taking a look at a previous Kingdom Hearts adventure, although it has a few too many bugs in it for my taste. See you all then!